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Pool Rules

1. No one will enter the pool without a lifeguard on duty 

2. Anyone under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a person 15 or older 

3. Children must be supervised at all times 

4. No hypoxic (Breath Holding) games

5. No running on deck - walking only 

6. No diving except from the diving board and designated diving areas

7. No swimming in the diving board and slide areas

8. No swinging or hanging on ropes 

9. No horseplay in or around the pool (ex. Dunking, Throwing, Sitting on shoulders, etc) 

10. Everyone must enter the pool facing the water (No backward entry)

11. No floatation objects allowed except coast guard approved life jackets 

12. No snorkels and no masks/goggles that cover the nose 

13. No denim, cutoff, or frayed shorts, ripped/dirty clothing, or oversized shirts in the pool

14. Shower before entering the pool 

15. No glass, smoking, alcohol, or chewing gum allowed in the pool complex

16. No one with infection, diarrhea, inflamed eyes, or skin disease, etc will be allowed in the pool 

17. No animals except service dogs are allowed in the pool complex

18. No weapons, abusive behavior, or foul language allowed 

19. Lifeguards have the right to prohibit any other activities that they deem inappropriate or unsafe 

20. One long whistle blast from the lifeguards signals that the pool needs to be cleared. Please exit the pool quickly and return to the grass area, listening for further instruction from lifeguards


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