Summer Camp



Ages: 5-12 • Monday through Friday
June 14 – August 6

Limited Spaces Available

If a week of summer camp you are looking to register for is not listed please contact the District Office to ask about the availability.

Get out of the house and have some fun this summer at the Arden Manor Recreation & Park District Summer Camp! Summer Camp offers a wide variety of activities, sports and special projects to ensure a fun filled summer for all campers. Campers have the option to participate in weekly activities such as swimming, science projects, sports, art projects and more.

Field trips, guest presenters, water activities and cooking projects help to round out the summer activities. Our staff take a very hands on approach to supervising and leading campers while focusing on teamwork and cooperation through games, sports and other activities. The staff is well-trained and dedicated to providing a positive and memorable summer for your children!

Camp Hours 7:00am-6:00pm
Swimming 2 times a week (Tuesday and Thursday)
Field trips to us!
Dress-up days every week!

General Policies and Procedures
Camp Hours and Location
Camp hours are from 7am – 6pm. Please drop off and pick-up your camper(s) on time. Should you be late to pick-up your child there will be an additional $10 per 15 minutes. Camp will be held at the Arden Manor Recreation & Park District’s Activity Building and Community Center located at 1415 Rushden Drive, Monday-Friday.

Please do not drop off your child before 7am. Early drop-offs will be charged a $10 fee for each 15-minute increment (or portion thereof) that the child is early. If your child is going to be absent please notify the camp staff at (916) 207-1987 or (916) 487-7851.

Please pick up your camper(s) promptly at 6pm. A $10 fee will be charged for each 15-minute increment (or portion thereof) until the child leaves the site. If you anticipate being late or an unexpected problem should occur, please notify camp staff. All fees must be paid in full within two days of a late pick-up or early arrival incident.

Procedure
Parents are required to sign-in their camper(s) at the Activity Building or Community Center.  Under no circumstances are children to be left without being signed in. Children will be health screened upon arrival.

Sign-Out Procedure
Parents are required to sign-out their camper(s) from the program site. Please check the lobby for informational flyers, parent notices, upcoming camp activities, as well as crafts. Under no circumstances should a child leave without being signed out, unless parents provide a written note.

For all drop offs, pick-ups, sign-ins and sign-outs, please go to the Activity Building or Community Center first. If we are at another location, there will be signage on the front door directing you to your child’s location.

For the safety and protection of the participant, only persons authorized by the parents, and listed on the Child Emergency form will be allowed to pick up the child. At this time, any relative information will be released to the authorized individual regarding your camper. This information may include; announcements for the next day, behavior related incidences, field trip information, as well as any non-emergency first aid that your camper may have been given. It is the guardians responsibility to obtain this information from the adult that picked up the camper. Please be prepared to show photo identification every time you pick up your child. Any adult that is not listed on the Child Emergency Information form will not be allowed to remove the child from the program site.  It is imperative that lead program staff be notified in advance in writing if someone else is going to pick-up your child.

Sign-Out on Swim Days
On Tuesdays and Thursdays Camp will be at the Deterding Swimming Pool (located behind the Activity Room). If you will be picking up your camper during pool time please pick up and sign out your camper at the pool.

Child Emergency Information Form (EPACT)
The Child Emergency Information form will be emailed out at registration.  The emergency form is critical and required for all participants. Please complete and return the form to the recreation staff on the first day of camp. This form must be completed before a child can participate. 

It is very important that the program staff have accurate and updated information on you and your child in case of emergency. Please notify staff as soon as possible if any emergency information changes. Please inform staff of any special needs that your child may need at camp.  It does help the staff members serve your child better if you disclose all conditions that your child has (i.e. health, mental, or physical).

Medication & Accommodations
If a child needs special medication, under no circumstances are they allowed to have possession of it during camp hours. An exception to this rule would be an inhaler or EpiPen. If a camper needs to have possession of his/her inhaler or EpiPen the child will be required to carry it on his or her person at all times. If the camper does not have a proper pocket for the said item a  lead staff member will store it in his/her waist pack. A copy of a Doctor’s note for medication must be submitted to allow the medication to be taken at camp. Only the dosage that is required per day is allowed to be brought to camp and must be kept in the child’s lunch bag which will be locked in a room and accessible only by the staff. It is up to the child to remember to take medication, as Camp Staff are not permitted to administer or assist any medication. If the parent would like to ask for special accommodations for their child they will be required to fill out a Reasonable Accommodation Request form. AMRPD requires a 2 week notice for all accommodations per program request.

The District does not provide credits and/or refunds of program fees for days missed.

Refunds and/or transfers shall be granted before the date of the first day of camp if requested by the parent. We’re sorry, but we cannot grant refunds or transfers after the first day of camp. If a payment was made through Paypal, the refund will be the paid amount minus the Paypal fee.

Health Policy
AMRPD will be following the health and safety protocols outlined in the California Public Health Department COVID-19 Industry Guidance for day camps as well as requirements from the Sacramento County Public Health Department.

Families are encouraged to check their campers for symptoms and monitor how they are feeling prior to coming to camp. We ask that you keep your camper(s) home if they are experiencing any symptoms. If you, your camper, or someone in your household is suspected to have possibly contracted or has tested positive for COVID-19, please alert the AMRPD Recreation Coordinator immediately.

Health Check Procedure (Please Read Carefully)

• Staff will be checking participant’s temperature and asking parents health questions during the check-in process prior to admission into camp.

– Participants and parents are required to wear face coverings during the screening process.

– Participants will have their temperature checked before they can enter the program. If the child has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, they will be given a second test within 5 minutes of the first test. If the participant still tests at or above 100.4 degrees, they will not be allowed to return to the program until they have 3 days with no fever, and improvement of any respiratory symptoms, and 10 days since symptoms first appeared, or they provide a clearance note from their doctor.

– Families will also be asked the following questions:

▪ Have you or anyone in your household had a fever or experienced the following symptoms in the last 24 hours: cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness, sore throat, nasal congestion/runny nose, body aches, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever/chills/seats?

• If the answer is yes, the child will need to stay home until the following are met: 3 days with no fever, and improvement of any respiratory symptoms, and 10 days since symptoms first appeared, or they provide a clearance note from their doctor.

▪ Have you had any close contact in the last 14 days with someone with a diagnosis of COVID-19?

• If the answer is yes, the child must stay home for 14 days after their last contact with the person who was diagnosed with COVID-19.

▪ Have you traveled outside of the country in the last 14 days?
• If the answer is yes, the child must stay home for 14 days after they arrived back from the trip.

Child Illnesses
Please keep sick children at home. Many communicable diseases begin with cold-like symptoms. This also includes lice. Even though you think it’s just a cold, the child should not attend the program for the following reasons:

–  Your child’s resistance to disease is lowered.

–  If it is a cold, other children may contract the same symptoms.

–  Your child may be transmitting a more serious communicable disease.

If your child becomes ill during the course of the program, he/she will be isolated from the other children.  You will be contacted to pick up the child immediately. If you cannot be reached other authorized adults designated on the Child Emergency Information Form shall be contacted. Children must be free from illnesses for a 24-hour period before returning to the program this includes; diarrhea, vomiting, or a fever (anything higher than 98.6 degrees).

Appropriate Behavior
Children are expected to use appropriate behavior while participating in our Summer Day Camp. Children are expected to refrain from biting, kicking, screaming, hitting, cursing, racial slurs, and other disruptive behaviors. If a child has recurring behavior issues, the staff will document the issue in the behavior binder at that point each documented behavior will be discussed with adult that picks up the child.  If reasonable efforts to control disruptive behavior are unproductive and the behavior continues, AMRPD reserves the right to remove the child from the program. Refunds will not be given for behavior related suspension or expulsion from AMRPD Summer Camp.

Discipline Process
Our goal is to establish a controlled, structured environment that develops self-control and self-discipline within each child. Proper boundaries and limits are set to assist each child in guiding and regulating their own behavior within the program. The ultimate goal of our discipline policy is for the child to develop self-control. We utilize the AMRPD Behavior Form when an issue occurs. A copy of this report is shown to parents.
The following discipline program will be used with the children for minor discipline problems:

1st offense           Warning

2nd offense           Time out – “Cool Off” period – Behavior Form

3rd offense           Removal from daily activity – Behavior Form

and confer with parents when child is picked up.

Fighting, racial slurs, or other malicious behaviors are ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED.

Ongoing behavior issues that are not resolved through our discipline process may result in a child being suspended or expelled from camp. The Recreation Supervisor can authorize suspending or expelling a child from the program. Please refer to the behavior form information.

The Basics
Camp Visitations
There are no visitations or parents in the room for Summer 2021.

Field Trip visitations to the park 
To keep participants and staff safe, Camp field trips will be coming to us to ensure proper social distancing and cleaning measures. A variety of exciting field trips will be visiting!

Items to bring to Camp
Snacks:  At approximately 10am and 4pm daily campers will have snack time. Please pack a nutritious snack for your child, in addition to a sack lunch.

Lunches: Participants MUST bring a sack lunch, which requires no refrigeration or microwave every day to camp. This includes field trips, unless noted on the field trip form, in which the child may bring money to buy lunch. We do not allow campers to purchase lunches at all field trip locations unless noted on the field trip form; therefore always send your child with a sack lunch. Also please note that staff will not be held responsible for ensuring a child has purchased particular lunch items on field trips. In the event of a forgotten lunch and staff are unable to reach a parent or guardian a Lunchable will be provided and the camper’s account will be billed $8.

Sunscreen: Any sunscreen brought and used at camp must be supplied by the child’s parent or legal guardian and must be labeled with the child’s name in effort to reduce exposure to allergens. Staff request that parents/guardians apply sunscreen to their child before bringing him/her to camp. During program campers will be asked to apply more sunscreen in which a friend may help to apply additional sunscreen to him/her while at camp, as staff is not permitted to apply sunscreen. Please keep in mind that campers may be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time due to certain activities; therefore it is the child/guardian’s responsibility to avoid sunburn. It is not the District’s responsibility if sunscreen is used improperly or if the camper gets sunburnt.

Swimsuit and Towel: On Tuesdays and Thursdays, campers will go swimming at the Deterding Pool. Please make sure participants bring the necessary clothing, including a change of dry clothing, towel, and labeled sunscreen. We may go swimming an additional day of the week and parents will be notified in advance.

Personal Items: AMPRD takes no responsibility for damage or loss of any personal items therefore it is recommended not to bring personal items to camp. AMRPD does not permit the use of MP3 players, cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, Gameboys, PSP, and other toys at camp and request that these items stay at home.

Appropriate Camp Attire
Camp participants will play actively throughout the day. For this reason they are REQUIRED to wear “closed-toe” athletic shoes, and clothes that can withstand paint and wear and tear. If camper wears improper shoes to camp they may be asked to sit out of specific activities, due to safety concerns. For girls we recommend that they wear shorts or pants, as many activities are very active and a dress may limit their range of movement. If a camper wishes to wear a skirt please ensure that they also wear shorts under the skirt. Sandal like shoes may be worn to the pool on swim days only, however once we return to site, each participant must wear closed-toe shoes and change into dry clothes. Please dress your child according to the weather.

Craft Supplies
Most craft materials are supplied by AMRPD. For special crafts, the children may be asked to bring some supplies from home such as an old T-shirt or empty milk container. We will note needed items on a flyer sent home, we appreciate your support.

Photo/ Video Release
Photos and video recordings of our programs are often taken and used for marketing materials. If you wish for your child not to be included in these photos or videos please inform the staff as soon as possible.

Contact Information
Again, thank you for enrolling in Arden Manor Summer Day Camp. If you should have any questions regarding this information, feel free to contact the District office at (916) 487-7851 or Camp cell phone (916) 207-1987.

Camp Highlights: 

  • Campers will be put in age groups of 14 campers maximum that will remain together with two staff members per cohort. Siblings will be in the same cohort. Groups will not mix during the week.
  • Swim Days will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons – Bring a change of clothes and a towel!
  • There will be field trips coming to us – Scavenger hunts, field days, nature activities and so much more included!
  • The weeks will be full of STEM projects, active outdoor activities, art projects and dress up days!
  • Most activities will be held outdoors. When indoors campers will sit in designated spots that are six feet a part to encourage physical distancing.
  • Additional health and safety protocols will be in place including health checks upon drop off daily, routine cleaning, hand washing, physical distancing and cloth face coverings will be worn by staff at all times and campers will be asked to bring them. If you have any additional questions about health and safety procedures, please email our Recreation Coordinator at

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